How we got The Witcher's composers to make music for Fury Unleashed

July 4, 2022

This is the story of how we've transitioned our world from deafening silence to a blood-pumping rhythmic dance of destruction.

Quite some time ago, while our newest game was in its early phases of development, one of the problems we stumbled upon was, that we couldn't figure out just how exactly should we approach our project's audio. It was especially problematic, as we were working on an action game, and wanted to recreate the feeling of embodying a comic hero on his adventure of impossibilities overcame by his/her sheer awesomeness.

But how would we do that? "We are just a small studio. Big industry composers are beyond our reach" - we thought to ourselves. But, are they?

While we were attending Pixel Heaven 2018, an indie/retro game festival in Poland, taking place in an old bus workshop, we stumbled upon Adam Skorupa, who was checking out the exhibition. In the conversation, well-known composer admitted, that he's a fan of platformer games, and was more than happy to check our work. Being positive about our title, we asked if he would like to help us with the audio part of the project, and he agreed, mentioning that he was in-between some larger projects and it was a good moment to ask. He also brought Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz to the party, as both of them often work together.

Adam 'Scorpik' Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz are both known for their work on video game soundtracks. Their work consists of, among others: The Witcher series, Shadow Warrior 2, Bulletstorm and many more. Of course, that’s not everything, they also delve in the creation of music and sounds for animated movies and other things outside the video game industry. We wanted to share the feel of kicking butts and chewing bubblegums with our players, and with the help of those two talented composers we believe, we were able to finally accomplish our goal! Now, that our soundtrack is done, we are more than happy to share some of their work with you. Here, we present the main theme:

Main Theme

Main Theme

Main Theme

Main Theme

Main Theme
Main Theme

Our game is an action platformer, where you shoot your way through the pages of an ever-changing comic book. Our inspirations consist of titles like Metal Slug, Contra, Rogue Legacy, and Dead Cells. We’ve managed to implement an original combo system, that rewards players for playing like an action hero - the bolder and more aggressive you play, the deadlier you are to your enemies. Gaining high combo allows the player to not only deal more damage in different ways, empowering the hero’s skills, but also shields him or her from any potential harm. Having that system in place, we’ve thought of an idea, that music could change on account of how well the player performs in the game, and now, while you maintain your kill combo, rock music accompanies your streak, amplifying current level’s theme. Becoming an unstoppable weapon of destruction and reaching an "ultimate combo" awards you with even more hardcore remix of the main theme! We display how the system works (and sounds) on the following video:

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